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hermalPad SK80 High Efficiency Thermal Conductive Gasket

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The thermal conductive silicone gasket is a kind of heat conducting material synthesized by special process, which is based on specially treated silicone gel and adding various kinds of polymer materials with excellent thermal conductivity. It can fill gaps and complete heat transfer between heating parts and heat dissipating parts. It also plays the role of insulation, shock absorption and sealing. It can meet the design requirements of miniaturization and ultra-thin equipment.

SK series heat conductive gaskets are environmentally friendly, flexible and compressible; high efficiency, high insulation, high flame retardant and high compression capacity; high and low temperature resistance, non-oxidation, low oil output, good weather resistance; suitable for various demanding application areas, with good thermal conductivity and suitable for filling mechanism gaps, improving heat transfer efficiency between heating elements and metal radiators.


Smart phones, tablets, notebooks, CPU/GPU chips, graphics cards, memory, heat dissipation module, power supply, lithium batteries, routers, set-top boxes, switches, projectors, PDP/LCD/LED displays, LED lighting, navigation, network communications, security monitoring, elevator control, automotive electronics, new energy car batteries, LED lights, solar inverters, household appliances, Aerospace Military and other objects that need heat dissipation.

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